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Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation, Yugoslav Attack, 9.Bc4 Empty Sicilian Defence, Dragon Variation, Yugoslav Attack, 9.Bc4

el Lun Nov 18 2019, 12:38
In chess, the move 9.Bc4 is one of the main options in the chess opening called the Yugoslav Attack, which is an attack in the Dragon Variation of the Sicilian Defence. Also known as the Rauzer System or the St George Attack, the Yugoslav Attack begins with the following moves:

e4 c5
Nf3 d6
d4 cxd4
Nxd4 Nf6
Nc3 g6
Be3 Bg7
f3 O-O
Qd2 Nc6
John Emms, one of Great Britain's strongest grandmasters, notes that:

I can safely say that the Yugoslav Attack is the ultimate test of the Dragon. White quickly develops his queenside and castles long before turning his attentions to an all-out assault on the black king. To the untrained eye, this attack can look both awesome and unnerving.

Statistically,'s database of nearly 1500 master games shows win–draw–loss percentages for White to be: 46%–25%–29%. Mega Database 2002 indicates that White scores 52% while 66% of the over 1200 games were decisive[citation needed].

The ECO code for the Sicilian Dragon, Yugoslav Attack, 9.Bc4 is B77.,_Dragon_Variation,_Yugoslav_Attack,_9.Bc4
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