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The Dictatorship of Mediocrity

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The Dictatorship of Mediocrity

Mensaje por Invitado el Miér Dic 21 2011, 15:42

This essay I wrote long time ago inspired me to move forward on my life. This is a recall, or an account of some memoirs of "moi". Here we go:


In Spain, the gifted, unfortunately, do not receive special treatment as the understaffed receive it, thank God. I speak from my experience in 1st person. I can learn more easily than average. For example, I only need to read any text and go to an exam to pass this examination. When a topic interests us we learn on our own, which equates to sovereign boredom in class because we learn nothing new and we have to stick to the pace of the rest (about 20-40% slower than ours, and average that accumulates from year to year) and we also tend not to exploit that does not interest us. We are complex students alternating the outstanding marks (as we are concerned but not involved much) with very poor qualifications (as it does not interest us and least we do not participate at all in class if we go) and only survive in those that adapt themselves to the education system and end up being on the average thanks to an enormous willpower.

It looks easy but it is not. Having will power up is easier than having willpower down, or try to conquer peaks difficult it is easier to work hard to be where the other because the latter, even getting there is frustrating. School failure, of course, is common. It’s useless if you’re a math whiz and take out 10 naturally, without effort, that if you fail language, music and history you are not going to approve SATs, and you’ll end up in the modules learning carpentry work. At the low point of the education system.

You have to fight to go down by adopting what does not interest you, to fight the deadly boredom even in matters that interest you, not to give to the perceived loss of time … but also not to show off a lot. “This work has been done for you or you copied someone older” that happened to me a few times even in exams. Infinite patience not to correct a teacher even though you know he is wrong because some teachers take it well but others … I have taken two negative points to correct a teacher, two negatives amounted to suspend and indirectly subjected to be dropout of the center, although this was an unwritten rule, almost the principal took it out. Learn to be submissive by detention o punishment.

There are teachers who care and a lot but are a minority to the point that I have chose to present me only to exams to get the degrees and courses, including the driving license. I did not run over for the theoretical classes, I read the book once, and I passed, and if I had gone to the classes probably would have left the try. I have known intimately many other gifted (though now I frequent and soften the Adult Gifted Forum). One that I know a bartender in Benidorm and says he is happy, the other is living and working in Hungary and has just started an electrical engineering career (using the language of the logic mechanisms such as the type of autism I highlighted in a post several weeks ago) at the UNED (National University of Distance Learning Education, in Madrid). Another who I have just met his blog, started biology, social work, philosophy and now is a social anthropologist. With 28 years. And for 5 he founded his own publishing company and university magazine program.
Anyway we are not a group to take into account, we are few, 2% and our own capabilities are the only way to be assimilated into society, and it comes from ourselves … or accept the rules of a mediocre company with patience until we get to develop our skills (which implies an internal struggle awful from kindergarten to adult life) … or look for life outside of your social organization, which implies a horrible social pressures throughout our youth because we are considered vague or dreamers very easily … and surprisingly, it is common to consider us stupid because school failure makes us equal to them and our self-esteem can be a roller coaster. Because stupid is not given much notice of where they will stop but the gifted self.

Consequently our social relations are also complicated very early and although we have more empathy than normal because we have to learn to cakes, of course, many do not, many turn away from society or take refuge in learning and learning and do not try too much society (gifted that failed to subdue the general mediocrity and reach adulthood, college, etc. like the other explodes and takes refuge in a bag of books, is very common) which transforms into a kind of autistic. School failure that could prevent him from social failure and often personal.
Gifted people than can be successful, professional, social and personal at the same time there are very, very few. And by success I speak of a normal life have an official middle / upper, stable employment, friends and family and be reasonably happy. Nothing fancy. So being gifted is a blessing but also a punishment.

And on top when we expose our situation we’re considered pretentious, coolers, “spazzers”, etc, etc. At that point in my daily life hardly anyone knows that I am gifted but it is inevitable to be considered as a “weirdo.”

One bitterly could say (I quote a guy who told me the following pearl):
99 percent of the kids are bored in school …. So? ah, well if you get bored gifted is different. The truth is that human beings still know very little about intelligence … and the truth is that I trust very little of those IQ test … sincerely saying you’re bored at school it’s kinda way of saying “is that I’m different”. Everyone is bored at school, people get over it, what are you going to do… that’s the fucking life…

As is illustrated very well why many gifted children do not publicize our condition, we left for private areas. 99% of the kids are bored in school …. it is likely, and yes, what happens to the gifted is different. One thing is bored because an item is cumbersome, because the teacher is very nice, because you got up early and sleep, because it makes good and want to have fun …. and another very different is that every day, for years, you explain things you already knew before entering class.

To learn new things within 2 days… and the next 3 months will have to stand your teacher repeating the exercises, the same thing day after day. Others need to streng then their knowledge and operate…¡¡ but no!, for they will be like if you will explain the numbers 1 to 10 days after day for months … I remember the agony for me when at class of maths, the teacher taught us the equations of 2nd grade at the time, months puzzling over something that already dominated the second or third day… eventually you will do something worse. Or you swallow with it (day after day, year after year ….) or you stop going to class or worse … your way through your account and go into a loop where ever you will go ahead of others and not learn anything. In class, torture of repeating over and over again what you already know.

I asked my teacher to make all course examinations at a time if he excused me from attending classes… and he refused.
The act of learning for a gifted can be defined as boring … but worst is the frustration, the sense of loss of time or futility of what you’re doing. 5 hours sitting in class and out with the same knowledge that you entered.

Yes, the gifted programs should be designed for them because the potential is enormous and the system, as designed nowadays, destroys it.

And I’m talking about maths and although I was never interested, I had to work just a bit to learn them… and now I’m enrolled in many courses (distance education) with mathematical content to dominate them. Technology, Spanish, English… I almost didn’t need to open the book. On the other hand, the history class was a hog-wash, history was what interested me and today I can say about history, in class, I never learned anything and never got off the 10 because before the course started I knew everything, the principle for reading textbooks at a stretch … And in high school was even worse. At the end, I read my own books on philosophy, history, maths, literature and “survival”.
No, not like the others get bored … bored us for the same reasons that they and also by a few that they do not.

The education system destroys the capacities of both gifted and anyone else. Giftedness is only one more extra capacity in this case to solve problems (intelligence), but people with special abilities (talent) for music, for the drawing … and are totally wasted, or other capabilities not be as dramatic differentiate one person from another and that most have, the education system is still soft, a shit, same size education taught by boring state workers. I hope that thanks to technology will be produced significant changes in the coming decades. For now, the proliferation of homeschooling and distance learning are our salvation.


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